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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android Review

Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Android, Mobile Phone Samsung Galaxy Nexus
What is it that makes the Nexus so unique? The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is one of those phones. The Galaxy Nexus is Samsung's flagship phone for the final quarter of 2011. The Nexus line of phones features a single purpose to demonstrate the ultimate in mobile technology a minimum of in Android flavour. It could be the reality that it's the very first telephone to run the latest version of Android (the stupidly-named Ice Cream Sandwich, version 4.0). It might be the fact that it's the very first telephone having a genuine HD resolution display.

Let's take a look at the screen first, since it defines the factor you initial notice when you hold the telephone inside your palm. Its size! For this really is among the largest displays even seen on a mobile phone. At 4.65 inches it is even bigger than the large display on the Galaxy S2. You might be worried that it is too big. However it doesn't feel that method to us, partly due to the phone's amazing thinness, at just 8.94mm. That's thinner than the iPhone 4S, and it tends to make the telephone perfectly manageable.

The screen isn't just physically large. It is spectacular in every way. Utilizing Super AMOLED technology it renders 16 million colours with super-bright richness and is simple to view outdoors. And it is a genuine HD display, like you get on your flatscreen Tv, but here in miniature. That indicates 1280 x 720 pixels. Yep, that's more pixels than on an iPad 2.
Android version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) brings a wealth of developments. Key features are better efficiency, quicker multi-tasking and higher ease of use. An additional feature of Android 4.0 is voice recognition. This is not like Apple's Siri - your telephone will not respond to complicated directions, but you can a minimum of dictate text messages, and so on and also the voice recognition appears to become correct and reasonably quick.

The camera might not sound great on paper, becoming just five megapixels, but with regards to image high quality it is really one of the best we've observed. Not just are photos extremely sharp and with good colour reproduction, but lag time is near zero, so you'll by no means miss a shot. Autofocus is extremely fast and correct too. You will find also some surprisingly good picture editing tools, plus an automated panorama tool. Video recording is completely initial class, recording at 1080p full HD with very little jerkiness or blur visible.

The Nexus has a 1.2GHz dual core processor and a large 1GB RAM at its heart, so you'll by no means be waiting for it to help keep up with you. Start-up time is extremely fast too. When it comes to storage, you'll find 16GB of built-in memory, but no microSD card slot. We're a bit puzzled by that omission, but we can live with 16GB.

There are no disappointments with regards to the battery though. A big phone requirements a large battery, and Samsung have given the Nexus 1750mAh, which is bigger than the battery on the S2, and appears to become up to the job. Obviously you will find numerous other functions that we haven't had space to review, but certainly this really is really one of the best mobile phone these days.

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