Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Highlight of Nokia Asha 302

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The Asha 302 is really a spending budget BlackBerry-style phone with a complete QWERTY keyboard. Comparable in size and style to other phones of kind - the BlackBerry Curve 8520, Samsung Chat 335 and Orange Rio II. Nokia is lightweight but looks premium with its smart metallic strip design.

It is an excellent telephone for social media and messaging, using the obvious benefit of the physical QWERTY keyboard, plus simple texting, email and instant messaging. A facebook app is provided and also the Asha also comes using the WhatsApp instant messaging app pre-installed.

The screen isn't large, but it is standard for this kind of telephone. Similarly the camera is rather fundamental, at just 3.2 megapixels and no fancy features. Video recording is at a pixel-challenging 176x144 resolution, so do not anticipate to be shooting many films on this thing.

The Asha is extremely nicely equipped for connectivity, with both Wi-Fi and quick 3G HSPA connectivity available for downloading information and messages.

This really is not a smart phone - it runs Nokia's Series 40 operating system, but there are some handy apps pre-installed. The facebook app is nicely integrated, so you can check on updates live. You are able to download a little range of apps from the Nokia Shop too.

The processor is very quick, running at 1GHz, which is faster than many smartphones, and makes everything respond immediately. However, the built-in memory is restricted to 100MB, which isn't a great deal by today's standards. You can add a microSD card for extra storage though.

It is useful to compare the Asha with its competitors. The BlackBerry 8520 expenses about the same, and does every thing the same, except it lacks the Asha's 3G connection. The Samsung Chat costs much less, but once more is missing 3G. The Orange Rio II does have 3G (but not Wi-Fi) and also expenses less than the Nokia. However, the Nokia is really a very great phone in its personal correct, with a great array of features inside a smart and reasonably-priced package.

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