Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nokia X3-02 Evaluation

Nokia X3-02, info mobile phone Nokia X3-02
"What is it about Nokia?"
They release a terrible slide phone, the Nokia X3, then they come out having a completely different phone and contact it the X3-02, hoping no one will notice. Confusing or what? But a minimum of they maintain on trying, and also the X3-02 is really a great deal much better than the X3. It's not an update you comprehend, it is a totally different model. Perhaps Nokia's environmental folk think they have to recycle names as well as raw materials.

Anyway, the X3-02 is a new breed of phone called Touch and Type. It's got a keypad and a touchscreen, you see. Sony Ericsson have been here currently using the Aino and that ended in tears, but at least Nokia have priced the X3-02 sensibly. The important feature from the X3-02 is the screen/keypad mixture, so let's talk about that initial. We've by no means been a fan of alphanumeric keypads. Ever. But a lot of individuals appear happy with them, and it's apparent that pairing the keypad with a touchscreen has got to become a good thought. The screen's quite small, and becoming resistive it isn't probably the most responsive touchscreen ever, but it's better than not having one. In fact, we believe it's an excellent idea.

Featurewise, the X3-02 is once more an oddity. It has a lot of some issues and not sufficient of other people. In short, it's greatest assets are its extraordinary thinness and lightweightedness; its brilliant array of connectivity such as high speed 3G HSDPA and Wi-Fi, its music player and radio and its general funkiness and wide choice of colours. On the poor side, the camera has full concentrate rather than autofocus, and no flash either, no GPS and not a lot of memory.

On balance, it's a good phone, and we're totally sold on the Touch and Type concept. Give it a try, you might like it. Just make it clear that it is the X3-02 you would like. On no circumstances get the X3 by mistake. And beware, because numerous customers are reporting the old Nokia problems of freezing, crashing, blank screens and common breaking that is all too familiar.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

A Short Review of Sony Ericsson Vivaz

Sony Ericsson Vivaz, Pro, U5, Info mobile phone Sony Ericsson Vivaz
The Vivaz is a touchscreen smartphone running the Symbian operating system. The headline function of the Vivaz is its HD video recording. It is capable of recording super-sharp videos at 720p resolution, with continuous autofocus, a video light and an image stabiliser. Its a pretty impressive capability to get a mobile phone, and you can easily upload your videos to YouTube to show the world. You may also make video calls.

The still camera is pretty incredible as well, getting an 8.1 megapixel resolution, face detection autofocus, an LED flash and geo-tagging. For the price band, this has got to become among the greatest cameras accessible. It cannot beat the 12 megapixel monster camera from the Satio, but it comes fairly close. So we'd say that the photographic performance from the Vivaz is among the very greatest presently available.

You can view pictures on the Vivaz's impressive display. Having a resolution of 360 x 640 pixels, it is not quite big sufficient to display your videos at full HD resolution, but it is nonetheless a really finely detailed display. The phone is totally touchscreen operated, with handwriting recognition thrown in as a bonus.

The Vivaz also comes having a great media player, and we're delighted to determine that Sony Ericsson have included a three.5mm audio jack, so you are able to plug in any standard-fit headphones for high quality audio. With microSD memory vehicles of as much as 16GB supported, there is a lot of space to shop your music collection, and there's an FM radio included as well.

HSPA offers fast web access, and you may also use WiFi if you are inside a WiFi hotspot for additional download speed. Other connectivity choices include Bluetooth, USB and a TV-Out connection so that you can view your pictures and videos directly on a big screen. You will find dedicated apps for Facebook and YouTube too.

Battery life seems to be great, even though it will be even much better in the event you remember to close unwanted apps and turn off Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS when not in use. Some people adore it, but numerous others are not so happy. However, now the option to purchase is in your hands.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nokia X3 : A Brief Review

Nokia X3 Mobile Phone, Nokia X3
The Nokia X3 is an inexpensive slide-design music phone. It features a great music player, FM radio, memory card slot, 3.5mm headphone jack and stereo speakers. It also comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera and has great battery life, but is let down by a poor quality keypad and is well over-priced for what you get.

As to whether or not Nokia X3's? It's a budget music player with a slide design. Everybody wants touchscreen phones these days, but maybe not everybody. You perhaps want a telephone having a regular keypad simply because all that touchy-feely stuff never appears to work correctly.

It is a music telephone. It plays music and has stereo loudspeakers. You are able to play your music out loud, if you like that type of thing. If not, it comes having a 3.5mm headphone jack so you can use some proper grown-up headphones. There is an FM radio too, and you are able to add a microSD memory card as much as 16GB and shop your whole collection. It is an Xseries phone as well, so it has dedicated music keys on the front. That's all good.

What else? Well, it is a slide telephone, so it is nice and compact and not as well heavy. No 3G, but battery life is good. The screen's extremely little. The camera's beneath average for the cost too, meaning no autofocus or flash, so don't anticipate to complete a great deal with it. There is small onboard memory and you will find no "extras", just the basics.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

HTC Sensation XE Review

HTC Sensation XE, Info Mobile Phone HTC Sensation XE
The HTC Sensation XE builds on the strengths from the dual-core Sensation. With an even faster processor, a huge 1730mAh battery and some high quality Beats Audio headsets thrown in for free, this has got to become one of the greatest Android smartphones ever released.

Regardless of being an outstanding telephone in each way, the HTC Sensation hasn't been able to match the large popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S2. But HTC are not taking that lying down. The HTC Sensation XE is an upgraded version from the Sensation that adds in:

an even quicker 1.5GHz dual-core processor, creating it the fastest mobile so far
  an even bigger 1730mAh battery, which is the biggest battery on any mobile
   the Beats Audio software program with custom made Beats headsets by Dr. Dre, 
   giving - you guessed it - the ultimate mobile audio expertise, if you believe HTC's 
   advertising hype.

Do any of these features truly make a difference? With the dual-core Sensation currently supersonic, an extra 300MHz of speed does not truly make a noticeable distinction. Battery power is welcomed, of course, particularly in such a power-hungry device, so this really is a definite plus. And as for Dr Dre and his Beats Audio? Yes, it's a top quality headset and switching on the Beats Audio software program definitely enhances the music. But some high quality Sennheiser headphones and bass boost / equaliser settings would achieve the same finish result. Ultimate mobile audio? We doubt it.

So, HTC have taken an outstanding phone and produced it much better. It is definitely a five star telephone by our reckoning. And but ... and but ... the XE nonetheless won't knock the Galaxy S2 off its top slot, even with the help of Dr. Dre. Why? Simply because it is 30% heavier and 30% fatter than the stealth-like Samsung. And simply because although the XE has 4GB of built-in memory, only 1GB of this is available to the user. Read our HTC Sensation evaluation for much more details.

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Reviewing Nokia C5-03

Nokia C5-03, Mobile Phone Nokia C5-03, Info Mobile, Nokia
The Nokia C5-03 will be the successor towards the highly popular Nokia 5230 and is a mid-range smartphone. Physically the phone looks and feels very much like the 5230. It's slightly smaller and lighter, but retains a three.2 inch screen as well as three buttons below. The screen is exactly the same as within the 5230 and will be the same size as the similarly-priced HTC Wildfire. It is a great size for a phone of this price, although becoming resistive instead of capacitive it does take a bit of poking to create it respond occasionally.

Now the 5230 was released a whole year before the C5-03, so we had been anticipating some substantial improvements within the C5-03. But it appears that time is standing nonetheless at Nokia. There is small improvement, and some things have really gone backward. Most gobsmackingly awful is the reality that the C5-03 still uses Symbian Series 60. It's slow, it's unresponsive, it crashes if there is an "r" within the month or perhaps a "d" within the day and in mixture using the inexpensive and nasty resistive screen tends to make for an unpleasant user experience.

The camera has been upgraded to five megapixels, but there is still no flash or autofocus. While the aGPS with Ovi Maps goes some way to redeeming the telephone, the paltry 40MB of built-in memory and also the lack of even video calling tends to make it appear like Nokia are taking the micky with this telephone. They are even quoting an extraordinary battery standby of 25 days. Considering that it is powered by a less-than-impressive 1000 mAh battery, we believe it'll be more most likely to typical a couple of days within the real globe.

This really is not the worst telephone within the world, but it's very mundane. And whenever you consider that it's priced at about the £150 level (that is three times the cost from the nearly identical Nokia 5230) you'd be better off contemplating the HTC Wildfire or maybe even take a punt on the Samsung Wave with its Super AMOLED screen and HD video. Even the antiquated Nokia 5800 is really a much better buy.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Samsung S8530 Wave 2 Review

Samsung S8530 Wave 2, Info mobile phone Samsung S8530 Wave 2, Samsung, Wave
The Samsung Wave S8530 or also called Samsung Wave 2 is really a souped-up version of the original Wave, with a bigger screen. It's a cutting-edge telephone having a 3.7 inch Super Clear LCD display, a quick processor, 2GB of built-in memory, a five megapixel camera with HD video and assisted GPS. The Bada operating system provides all of the core smartphone functionality, but third-party apps are extremely thin on the ground.

The Samsung Wave S8530 is really a reincarnation from the original Wave. It looks very comparable, even though it is grown in size to accommodate a bigger 3.7 inch screen, and it's put on weight consequently, even though it's not so heavy that this really is a problem. Every thing else remains pretty a lot the same, so you could view this as an addition to the Wave range rather than a direct replacement for the original wave.

Also as growing the size from the screen from 3.2 inches to 3.7 inches, Samsung have switched technology from Super AMOLED to Super Clear LCD TFT. We've previously described Super AMOLED because the best feasible display on a mobile telephone, so is this an even higher step forward? Which is the winner in the Super Clear LCD vs Super AMOLED battle? Nicely, the difference isn't fantastic at all. But place either of those displays next to a conventional TFT display and the difference is so fantastic that both from the new technologies are clear winners.

Apart from the larger screen and the larger general size, the only substantial alter which will impact customers will be the improve in internal memory from 1GB to 2GB.

So the point is the Samsung Wave S8530 is really a flagship phone with cutting edge functions and its only shortcoming will be the lack of third-party apps for the Bada operating system. But all of the fundamentals are here: mapping, social networking, a document viewer, individual organiser functions, integrated contacts. If the downloading culture does not appeal to you, then you may also stick with the Wave 2 and benefit from the cutting edge hardware at a really competitive cost.

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A Review Report of Nokia C3

The Nokia C3 is a budget version from the well-liked E71 and E72 BlackBerry lookalikes. What a good idea! A BlackBerry Curve for the cost of a spending budget Pay as you Go telephone! And in plenty of methods the C3 delivers on its guarantee. It's definitely a smart searching phone. Plasticky, yes, but what did you expect at this cost? The keyboard works nicely and the telephone feels good within the hand.

The TFT display has been built to a budget, but it's no worse than the screen on the BlackBerry 8520. It has exactly the same size and resolution (2.4 inches, 320 x 240 pixels). The camera's about as fundamental as you can get nowadays, so do not anticipate much from that. The telephone does have an MP3 player, of course, and an FM radio, but pretty a lot every phone does nowadays. Don't appear for GPS or 3G, simply because you will not discover any high-end functions on the C3. But it does have Bluetooth and USB, and it's also Wi-Fi enabled and has a 3.5mm audio jack too. The Wi-Fi could be handy for accessing the web on your telephone, even though don't count on it because some users are experiencing issues obtaining a Wi-Fi connection using the telephone. The C5 has Facebook and Twitter apps that can be accessed from your house screen, but do not anticipate to complete a great deal of internet browsing on such a small screen.

Battery life is truly superb, having a extremely meaty 1320 mAh battery, and not too much work for it to complete. In comparison with high-end smartphones the C3 is like the Duracell Bunny! It is not so hot with regards to memory though, with only 55MB onboard and no memory card included within the sales package. You will need to spend a bit extra to add a microSD card.

The C3 is very much a telephone built to a budget. It's key selling point is the QWERTY keyboard and also the fact that it looks like a BlackBerry. It does e-mail nicely, has great battery life and has Wi-Fi, even though that doesn't always function. It's a Symbian telephone and that may result in freezing and crashing at times. The C3 is among the least expensive BlackBerry-lookalikes, but you need to also consider the BlackBerry 8520, BlackBerry Torch 9860 and Orange Rio 2.

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