Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nokia 5230 Evaluation

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The 5230 sits alongside the Nokia 5530 in Nokia's growing range of entry-level touchscreen smartphones. You may believe that the 5230 lies below the 5530, but that's not exactly accurate. Physically, the phone looks almost precisely like the Nokia 5800, that is the Daddy of this kind of handset. That's a great thing as well, because it indicates that you get a really big three.two inch display, with a high resolution of 640 x 360 pixels. It is a resistive touchscreen, which isn't as smooth as the capacitive kind, but it functions well enough and has the advantage of coming having a stylus. The display is great for web browsing, multimedia and merely operating with menus. It's a larger telephone than the 5530, but that's because of the bigger screen and bigger battery inside.

The 5230 is a 3G phone, unlike the 5530, and has high-speed HSDPA, offering download speeds of up to three.six Mbps. It's missing WiFi however, so if WiFi matters much more to you than 3G, select the 5530 instead. If you really require both, select the 5800. It does however have Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

The 5230 is not branded as an XpressMusic telephone, and it lacks stereo speakers. But it does have a music player, FM radio and a three.5mm audio jack. It also has the bonus function of an A-GPS receiver, with Ovi Maps supplied.

The most disappointing feature from the telephone is probably its sub-standard camera. With just 2 megapixels and no flash or autofocus, this really is suitable only for quick snaps. The video camera is much better, but with no video calling option. The poor camera is the phone's weakest feature and is most likely the biggest cause for choosing the 5530 instead.
The phone comes with a respectable 70 MB of memory and this can be expanded to 16GB by adding a microSD memory card.

We mentioned that the 5230 weighs more than the 5530. The main reason for this really is probably the elevated battery size. The 5230 enjoys excellent battery life consequently. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a touchscreen smartphone, there are not numerous within the price range, and the 5230 expands the option accessible.

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