Saturday, April 21, 2012

HTC Sensation XE Review

HTC Sensation XE, Info Mobile Phone HTC Sensation XE
The HTC Sensation XE builds on the strengths from the dual-core Sensation. With an even faster processor, a huge 1730mAh battery and some high quality Beats Audio headsets thrown in for free, this has got to become one of the greatest Android smartphones ever released.

Regardless of being an outstanding telephone in each way, the HTC Sensation hasn't been able to match the large popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S2. But HTC are not taking that lying down. The HTC Sensation XE is an upgraded version from the Sensation that adds in:

an even quicker 1.5GHz dual-core processor, creating it the fastest mobile so far
  an even bigger 1730mAh battery, which is the biggest battery on any mobile
   the Beats Audio software program with custom made Beats headsets by Dr. Dre, 
   giving - you guessed it - the ultimate mobile audio expertise, if you believe HTC's 
   advertising hype.

Do any of these features truly make a difference? With the dual-core Sensation currently supersonic, an extra 300MHz of speed does not truly make a noticeable distinction. Battery power is welcomed, of course, particularly in such a power-hungry device, so this really is a definite plus. And as for Dr Dre and his Beats Audio? Yes, it's a top quality headset and switching on the Beats Audio software program definitely enhances the music. But some high quality Sennheiser headphones and bass boost / equaliser settings would achieve the same finish result. Ultimate mobile audio? We doubt it.

So, HTC have taken an outstanding phone and produced it much better. It is definitely a five star telephone by our reckoning. And but ... and but ... the XE nonetheless won't knock the Galaxy S2 off its top slot, even with the help of Dr. Dre. Why? Simply because it is 30% heavier and 30% fatter than the stealth-like Samsung. And simply because although the XE has 4GB of built-in memory, only 1GB of this is available to the user. Read our HTC Sensation evaluation for much more details.

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