Monday, October 31, 2011

Top Seven Best Laptop Gadgets

Here is a short list of 7 (Seven) gadgets any laptop user should think about investing in:

1.Protective Carrying Case
The safest way to make sure your laptop stays clean and safe no matter where you are. Not only do these cases protect the outside of free best laptops, but most also provide shock protection just in case you were to drop your machine. This is the must have of all must have gadgets available for laptops.

2.Retractable Cord Mini USB Mouse
Sometimes, the little touch pad for even the best laptops can be annoying. Retractable cord USB mini mice are a great remedy. Because the cord retracts, they are highly portable and a great gadget to have when you want that PC feel anywhere.

3.USB Powered Mini Vacuum Cleaner
A USB powered mini vacuum cleaner plugs straight into your laptop and cleans the keys and the crannies, making sure the laptop stays clean of dust and dirt. A must have for any clean freak laptop owner out there.

4.Anti Scratch and Anti-Glare Screen Protectors 
Worried about your screen getting blemished? Can't see anything when working outside in bright sunlight? Anti scratch and glare screen protectors are what you need. Coming in all sizes, these screen protectors not only make sure that the best laptop screens stay scratch free, but get rid of glare so you can see your work when using a laptop outdoors.
5.Microfiber Screen Cleaning Cloths 
Perhaps the least high-tech, but most useful gadget anyone can have for their laptop is a microfiber cleaning cloth. Even the best laptops get dusty, dirty, and grimy. The only way to clean the best laptops safely is by using one of these cleaning cloths.

6.USB Laptop Cooling Fans 
This is more for the gaming laptop crowd. Most of the best laptops, in turns of performance, will have the tendency to get a little hot under the collar when grinding out top notch graphics. Luckily, there are a variety of cooling fans available to attach to any laptop, making sure it stays cool and safe.
7.Steel Security Cable with Key LockNothing is worse than getting your laptop stolen, especially if it contains your financial records. To keep your information secure, a steel security cable with a key lock is a great gadget to invest in. This way, if your laptop ever gets stolen, you can be sure that the thief has a hard time getting to what they are looking for. 
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