Saturday, October 29, 2011

iPhone Review

The new features of the iPhone 2:

iphone, apple, cellphone, mobile phoneThe Dual-core processor Feature: The iPhone has now called for a new processor A5, which has two processor cores, which are run at 1 GHz. In addition to improved performance of this processor will work, but also above all, is very energy efficient. Tasks handled the iPhone 2 (Two) is now theoretically twice as fast as its predecessor and the graphics unit operates up to nine times faster than the previous iPads. Woowww... amazing...!!!

Cameras Results: As suggested in advance, about the iPhone 2 has two cameras. The that camera on the back has a video recording HD (720p) with up to 30 fps and audio, otherwise it serves also as a photo camera with 5x digital zoom. The front camera is an mediocre photo in VGA quality camera and also has video recording in VGA with up to 30 frames per second and sound.

The that Best and Attractive Design: The iPhone is two much thinner than its predecessor, the thickness, it will measure just 8.8 millimeters, making it even thinner than the iPhone 4. This already makes the iPhone shrunk to about one-third of the thickness.

Gyroscope: The Apple now installed in the new iPhone the iPhone from the 4 known gyro-sensor which has been designed for better recognition of the movements of the iPad, thus supporting the acceleration sensor in their work.

The Weight: Although not much, but still 0.2 pounds can decrease the iPhone 2's predecessor, making it slightly easier. The new iPhone also weighs about 600 grams and i hope the the next iphone will more lighter.

The Battery time: The iPhone 2 comes out exactly as long as its predecessor without the outlet, namely 10 hours and i think is very its enough time for talk.

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